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Introducing Hello Jo, the new Korean developed caffeine − active beauty brand

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Caffeinated Conditioner
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our story


Here at Hello Jo, we are using caffeine to start a beauty movement - one that helps women support women.

Who the heck is ‘Hello Jo’?

Hello - the most important and most used word in the world. 'Hello' immediately builds connections, creates openness and starts conversations.

Jo = coffee. Colloquial and friendly. Asking someone if they fancy a 'cup of Joe’ is a warm way of offering someone a moment over a hot cuppa. We believe some of life's great problems can be fixed over a strong cup of coffee, and our idea was to bring women together to chat, listen and support each other. (And we went for the female version of Jo - why does it always have to be a man’s world, ‘ey?).

Our goal… To be more than just a beauty brand and create a community for women and girls to speak out – a forum for discussion. Our name was driven by this.

Our beauty beliefs

THE 3 E's

We agreed three things are so important to us as a brand, no matter what we do, we’ll always strive to live by them.


We think everyone should be able to live boldly and speak freely. We encourage everyone to speak out and stand up for causes that matter; and we will provide a platform to support this.


We have created a range of beauty products fuelled by active caffeine to help power you through. We promise they all deliver maximum results in minimal time.


Hello Jo has been made to make a difference. That’s why we will always give back to charity (50p from the sale of every single Hello Jo product), work towards new standards in sustainability, and never, ever test on animals.

our platform




Our graphic lips are our coat of arms and stand for our commitment to support womxn across the world. That’s why with every Hello Jo order you’ll receive our lips on a stick - or a 'Lip Stick' if you will.

Grab your lip stick, strike a pose, and share your selfie with us @hellojobeauty and #VOICEIT. Tell us your passions, missions, triumphs and failures. Ask us for help, advice, support... or just share something fun with us!

You can also request a Lip Stick to be sent to you for free by writing to us at so even if you don't buy any product, you can still join in the community.

the empowering effects of caffeine


Oh coffee… How we love you! That’s why our formulas are ‘Caffeine Active’ - we think it provides the boost we need to be strong, empowered and energetic.


There are so many skincare and hair care benefits to caffeine:

  • Its a powerhouse antioxidant which helps to fight free radical damage from pollution, toxins, and the sun.
  • It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm, and sooth stressed skin, reducing redness and evening skin tone.
  • Reduces puffiness and under eye shadows created by eye bags.
  • Stimulates the scalp to support hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft.
  • Adds natural shine to the hair making it glossy and more manageable reducing the dreaded frizz!

And all our products have all been developed and made by the best labs in the beauty capital of the world, Korea.


We are proudly incubated by Feelunique who also manage the fulfilment of our beautiful Hello Jo products. Our policies therefore align with Feelunique.


Developed by talented and creative women from the worlds of beauty, business and design; all united by their strength of vision and passion for change. We call them The Collective. A brand’s success is rarely down to one person and at Hello Jo we celebrate everyone involved and continually look to work with future talents to build our brand further.

Cassie Mystkowski – Beauty and Product Development Consultant on Brand Vision

‘Hello Jo has been a labour of love for me. From the start I knew I wanted to create more than just another beauty brand; and what better place to start than with the revolution of women, conversation and activism. We find ourselves in the most incredible time of change and I wanted to create a brand for young women and anyone who identify as women to help support them through this time. The positioning of Hello Jo encompasses and encourages community, asking women to speak out, tell their stories, and help and support each other; all fuelled by our caffeine-active beauty products.’

Nadine Knorpp – Brand Director Feelunique on Commercial Strategy

'Our vision for Hello Jo is to create unique, innovative products that work, are designed to address a myriad of beauty needs and bring people together in a positive way. Our caffeine-rich formulas combined with other star ingredients are made to solve beauty problems in a way that surprises and delights … that will make us feel good while we take care of ourselves, making positivity the most important part of our beauty routine.'

Bianca Pal – Writer and Beauty Expert on Tone of Voice

‘I wanted the tone to feel friendly and supportive, but also concise and assertive; Hello Jo women are never afraid to say what they think. It’s confident, intelligent, positive, straight-talking and a lil-bit cheeky!’

Chloe Joyce – Designer on Brand Design

‘From its conversational name to its lippy logo, the Hello Jo brand embodies the idea of giving women a voice. Carefully crafted to balance personality with credibility, the design offsets its playful logo and voice with a pared back and sophisticated layout. Subtly colour-coded and simply packaged, Hello Jo is designed for women who want fuss-free and easy to use beauty products.

Jen Salt – Creative Art Consultant on Creative Direction

'The premise of Hello Jo is caffeine fuelled beauty, female empowerment, and a collective sisterhood. Through playing with unusual coffee drip instruments for the still life imagery; writing empowering words on mirrors; casting three amazing girls who clicked like sisters clearly having a fantastic time on set together; the creative direction and result of the shoot embodies Hello Jos beliefs perfectly. And after smelling the coffee beans on set all day everyone was desperate to be caffeinated!'

Seyi Newell – Communications & Campaign Manager Rosa on Charity Partnership

'We’re excited to be the charity partner for Hello Jo! It’s incredibly inspiring to work with a company that includes female empowerment in its DNA.

The funds raised by Hello Jo will go towards our continued support and funding of women’s organisations across the country who work on a range of issues from access to employment and skills training, to sexual harassment and body image. These funds will go towards organisations that are led by women who have dedicated their lives to making the UK safer and more just for women and girls; we are delighted that we get to support them in partnership with Hello Jo.'

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